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The Coronavirus Vaccine Agenda

This is LondonReal, I am Brian Rose, my guest today is Del Bigtree the American broadcaster, documentary producer, and talk show host. You are one of the most preeminent voices in the vaccine risk awareness movement and the CEO of the Inform Consent Action Network, which pioneers worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud. You produced the documentary Vaxxed – From Cover-up to Catastrophe, and now host The HighWire, a talk show where you interview leading medical professionals, politicians, and thought leaders. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdown, you broadcast your message to help people protect their health, question their leaders, and reclaim autonomy over their bodies.
Del welcome to LondonReal.

Del Bigtree:
It’s really great to be here. It’s an honor Brian, thank you for having me on.

Well it’s great to have you. Before we get started, I’m to announce that we are streaming now on our brand new digital freedom platform which is a censorship-free, independent broadcasting system that is of the people, by the people, for the people, and it’s available exclusively on our website Can everyone watching us now, please, share this episode via the sidebar to any and all of your social media channels? Let me repeat that. Can everyone watching, please, share this via the sidebar to any and all of your social media channels? This is important. Simply ask your friends and family to give us 15 minutes and then they can decide.
Del I pledge to you and everyone watching us that none of this conversation will be edited, censored, removed or banned, and that anyone in the world can watch the full version of this episode free at Thanks to the generous donations of over 31,000 people around the world that I affectionately call the LondonReal Army. For anybody wanting to become a founding member of the Digital Freedom Platform, they can visit to donate and fight with us on the front lines to protect our human rights. Here at LondonReal, we’ve been a platform for free speech since 2011. And Del, I’m super excited to have you here today. Maybe, we start talking about censorship because you’re a broadcaster. I’m sure you’ve been experiencing some of the things we have here at LondonReal. Up until eight weeks ago, I had never been censored in my nine-year relationship with YouTube. You know we’re a partner there. I go to the headquarters a lot and now I am being censored on a regular basis on multiple platforms. I’m being deplatformed. Things, I always thought happened to crazy people, are now happening to me. And I’m wondering if you can give me some insight on that. And are you finding some of your content has also been censored? I know you’ve been in the you know in the in the kind of investigative vaccine movement for years. So, I’m guessing this happens to you on a regular basis.

Del Bigtree:
Well, I mean this actually is what catapulted me into any sort of fame or any recognition that I have because the documentary I made Vaxxed – From Cover-up to Catastrophe about the whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We were in Tribeca Film Festival and we were censored out of the festival. We were kicked out of one of the leading festivals, film festivals, in the world which made mainstream press all over this country and really around the world and catapulted back into cold stardom for sure if you want to sort of look at it that way. We’re actually now in The National Archives of films because of it. So, as soon as I stepped onto the landmine of this discussion on vaccines, I’ve been being censored. It’s something that I’ve learned to work with and actually work as best as I can; use it to my advantage; use it as a calling card. And that’s what moved Vaxxed along. And then of course, we had Adam Schiff who’s a representative here in America, reach out to all of the social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram; and say you need to start censoring. Remove any posts from people that are questioning the safety of vaccines or talking about how to heal children of autism and things that people connect with vaccines. And then of course he specifically reached out to Jeff Bezos at Amazon. We had a deal with Amazon where anyone on Amazon Prime was going to be able to watch Vaxxed for free till the end of time. And the next day it was pulled off of Amazon. So you can’t even get to the documentary I made, unless you go to the website of the distributor which is – if anyone is interested. But those are scary things here in the United States of America. I mean, to me, that’s modern-day book burning; that’s censorship. These are things that we only read about in history books that happened in countries that didn’t believe in freedom. And now it’s becoming an accepted discussion and, as I’m sure you’re well aware, just a couple of weeks ago the head of YouTube said, they will be censoring anything when it comes to COVID-19 that does not agree with the WHO. I think that’s a shocking statement coming out of a US company because the WHO is not an US organization. It’s a foreign agency of of foreign body. So, they’re gonna adhere to what they say and obviously your own president, our own president Donald Trump, has defunded the WHO. So, to really have companies in America, saying we’re going to censor and potentially go against the president United States, who just a few days ago, has now reported, that by executive order, he is beginning an investigation in the censorship taking place now. Most of that, I think, is politically based because Twitter went out and and basically fact checked something he said. So, I’ve seen all of that. I have my YouTube; I do a show every thursday 11 a.m pacific time. Two weeks ago our entire episode was pulled down off of YouTube. You cannot get to it with no explanation whatsoever. I have several videos I put out including internal videos from inside the World Health Organization; a meeting that took place in December. I simply posted that chief head scientist in the WHO doing basically a propaganda piece from the WHO, saying vaccines were safe and had a very robust surveillance system. And then three days later she’s in a conference in Switzerland and she says the exact opposite. We do not have a robust surveillance system. We really don’t know how safe or dangerous vaccines are. And so I put those two videos together and I got a false information flag across it. I actually pressed a lawsuit against the fact checkers on that a couple of weeks ago. I said: if you don’t take this down in seven days, I’m gonna sue you for defamation and they have lifted that false flag of that false information off of it. So, I’m directly fighting my way through here. 

And was that on Facebook the one the false information on Twitter? 

Del Bigtree:
It was on it was on Facebook, correct. Facebook is funding. Primarily this lead stories was the fact checker in this case. There are several of them. Lead stories describe that they’re fully funded by Facebook. So, essentially it’s an arm of Facebook. But how they are legally protected in that relationship, will really only understand that if they decide to stand up and fight us in court. This time they backed down but really you know. And who are these fact checkers? There’s fact checkers we had on a world-renowned scientist named Dolores Cahill. She spoke freely her truth and now the video we put out of that has been censored and flagged by Facebook by a bunch of fact checkers. If you saw Dolores Cahill’s CV, we actually made a joke out of it with Star Wars music. It is so long and profound. I wonder what are the credentials of the fact checkers? And are we now in a position where as an interviewer I am responsible for what my interviewees are saying? The entire purpose of interviewing is to let someone speak their truth; sometimes I challenge it. I bring on people from all different walks of life, so that people can see their perspective. You can certainly investigate them yourselves. But whenever is an investigative journalism sort of allowing people to tell the truth, asking them hard questions. Now, all of a sudden you’re censoring what one of my guests said and censoring my show. Those are scary, scary times when you think of freedom and freedom of speech. And I always joke, now Woodward and Bernstein would be censored. We would say, we asked Richard Nixon whether or not he had tapped phones, Richard Nixon’s office said no. Therefore this is a conspiracy theory and not allowed on YouTube or Facebook or to be broadcasted. If you’re a journalist or you’re an investigative reporter, everything is a conspiracy theory until you prove it to be true. So, any investigations, in the way we get to the bottom of it, is, we start writing articles, we start doing an investigation in front of the public and try to get other reporters and investigators to get on board, and start helping with that process; very heavy lifts when it comes to government agencies. For instance, the fact that I’m often up against the CDC. I’ve won lawsuits by the way non-profit against the CDC, the NIH, FDA, and Health and Human Services. All because, these are really important issues that we’re working on. But I have fact checkers saying that’s not a true claim. If you go to the CDC website it says this. Well why do you think I’m suing the CDC? Because they’re not telling the truth. If we’re just going to side with government agencies, then I don’t believe, we’re doing the job we’re supposed to be doing as reporters or actual fact checkers. So, of course, we’re in the middle of it.

A real strange agenda is going on and like, you know, with the fact checkers and who is the one that you can listen to.  I mean, I’m even further down the road with YouTube, where basically I had a conversation with them on Friday and they said: you are one video away from being deplatformed. One video, one upload away from your entire nine year history, quarter of a billion views, eight thousand videos, five documentaries; I mean stuff that had literally changed the lives of millions of people is going to be deleted forever. That’s what they told me. And I’m like: okay. I’m having doctors on that are citing scientific studies. You’re telling me that what they say, violates the WHO, who by the way thought people should be able to fly from China months ago, who by the way our president is pulling out of the organization. And so it’s choosing whose fact checkers they want to use or whose they don’t. Again, I’m from San Diego California, I grew up in the 70s and for me this concept of freedom of speech is baked into my DNA. And when it first happened, when they banned our second episode with David Icke on April 6th, it was the second largest YouTube live stream in the world; second only to president Trump’s conference that day on his COVID-19 conference. When that was banned something struck inside of me and it said, what you’re saying, something’s not right here. This feels like book burning. This feels like a communist dictatorship. This feels like fascism and the fact that we can’t have these conversations – it just boggles my mind. But that’s what’s happening right now. So, we have to do them on these independent platforms and I appreciate what you’re doing. I would say, watch yourself! I had a few people on recently including Candace Owens who’s going after Facebook and their fact checkers as well and filing lawsuits. We’re filing lawsuits in America and here as well and trying to show them. But the truth is, there’s a fourth branch of the government. It’s called Silicon Valley and it’s stronger than the rest. And they are kind of making the rules right now. We’ve never seen anything like this in America. When we broke up monopolies, they used to be steel companies and oil companies. Now, they control our minds. I’ll say one thing, you know Del, it’s one thing when we were talking about 5G and coronavirus and they were saying David Icke was a denier, but when we started mentioning vaccines, man, that’s when I saw them roll out the red carpet of censorship. So, I can only imagine what you’ve been dealing with the last couple years. But once I had Kennedy on, I felt like my privileges got revoked on these digital platforms. Again, it’s fascinating to me, how these forces out there feel so uncomfortable to have these discussions. Again, if you go back to my first conversation with David Icke in March I say in the beginning of that episode that I’m for vaccines because we were talking before we started here. I have a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. I won the California State Science Fair. I was a total science geek as a kid. And so for me, the concept of vaccines makes so much sense in my brain that I always got my flu shot and I almost vaccinated my kids. And we were just saying earlier how people like Neil Degrasse Tyson say, it’s a great idea. But when you actually look at how the vaccines are regulated, the liability protection or lack thereof, that’s when the practice of vaccines starts to really raise a lot of red flags. 

Del Bigtree: 13:10
There’s no topic like this, as far as I can tell in the world. I spoke at Anarchapulco just the beginning of this year before the COVID-19 thing really broke loose. And of course there’s like large conspiracy theorists there, talking about Federal Reserve banking, talking about all sorts of things. And I got up and said: I don’t think that there’s a bigger issue in this world right now than the vaccine issue. I don’t care what freedom you think you’re fighting for, where you think the actual problem is. I’m telling you any moment now the pharmaceutical industry is going to attempt to take over the governments of the world and you need to wake up now. I don’t care if your money’s all in bitcoin. If you cannot get on an airplane without being injected by your government with products you have no control over; you no longer have freedom. It’s just that simple. And there is the censorship. And people say, well, I mean you know 5G is a difficult conversation, too; or the Federal Reserve, or whatever the heck it is. And I say, I don’t think you have the same problem. I can talk about 5G on my show. There’ll be people that complain but I don’t get censored. Nobody cares. You can talk about all sorts of things: chemtrails. Yeah, people will complain, there’ll be some trolls there but you don’t get shut down and censored. You deal with this vaccine issue and you recognize that there is something much bigger going on here. And of course the WHO is in the center of it, right? For the last couple of years and especially over the last year the WHO said that vaccine hesitancy is one of the greatest threats to human health on this planet. So they have been at war now with the idea of just questioning vaccines. You’re not allowed to question it whatsoever. And then of course, when I started pointing out in talks all over the world that you have the real ID in the United States of America that is going to have your vaccine health ID whether you can get on a plane. We watched the test group in Argentina. Argentina was the first country that I know of in the world that mandated that you had to get your adult vaccines – not children. Everyone thinks vaccines is about kids. It’s about the adults. That’s where all this has been moving and that’s what I’ve been trying to wake people up to, since I’ve been investigating nothing but vaccines now for over four years. But in argentina you can’t get a driver’s license, you can’t get a work visa, you can’t all the things you would need to survive as an adult. You now have to be vaccinated in order to get that ID. You in the EU, you have a card that was due by 2023 I think, that’s being moved up. We were supposed to be ready by 2020. And now of course Silicon Valley is promising us a microchip, that we don’t have to carry the card, that maybe can be injected into us so, that we can just track your medical status whether you’ve been positive, you’ve gotten vaccinated. Of course this COVID-19 vaccine is on its way, supposedly. As soon as this happened to me, I said this is it exactly. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I said there was going to be something that will strike fear into the world. They will use it in order to get the entire world onto a vaccine program. So, there is an agenda at play for sure. I don’t think anything is censored the way the discussions around vaccines are. And think about just very simply because it’s like no other issue and then I can stop. I can do a man on the street interview. I can stop anyone walking down the street and ask them about vaccines and I’m going to get a passionate response. Something that you could ask a bunch of other things. I could ask about global warming and I get some response. Others say I don’t know, I don’t care. But you’ll never get an I don’t care about vaccinations. It is a very heated conversation whether someone is on pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, has a lot of information or not at all. There’s a lot of passion around the discussion. It’s fueled and now by our media all around the world. And so it’s really like no other conversation. And to simply say you are not allowed to question a pharmaceutical product, how it’s made, whether it’s been through proper safety trials, and how those trials turned out, and whether or not it works for everybody. There’s not a single pharmaceutical product on this planet that someone’s not allergic to. For anyone to think that vaccines are any different is really shocking but that’s all a part of the religion. I think that the easiest way to understand the issues around vaccination, is to see it much more like a religion than a science. There’s a lot of unfounded belief systems around it and even in science they admit that more and more and more the amount of assumptions about the science. I could go on depending on what we want to talk about. Some of our lawsuits are based on that.

People right now probably never heard an argument against vaccines. How do you usually start people off having that discussion? I mean, say you bumped into my grandma, and she’s like, well, I never thought about not talking vaccines. What’s the first thing you say to people to get them thinking in their brain that maybe there’s more going on here? 

Del Bigtree: 18:24
Well I try to teach people to start by asking questions. If you come in and just start stating a bunch of facts, you just turn people off and nobody wants to have that conversation. So, I tend to start out with a question. I talk to a lot of politicians. I travel the country and talk to politicians all the time that are looking at laws to remove our ability to opt out of the vaccine program. And I usually start it like this: I’ll say to a senator or a congressman, I just want to ask you a quick question. So, I know where we’re starting this conversation. Would you mandate or force penicillin on any one of your constituents that gets an infection in your state? And so far 100% of the time they’ll say: well no! I say why? And he said well because some people are allergic to penicillin and they could die. I said: okay, but you do realize that some people are also save like penicillin’s a great thing. Like: well, yeah of course but we don’t know which is which. I said: great, you do recognize that there’s never been a pharmaceutical product, just like penicillin, that you can give everyone in the population, where someone is not going to have an allergic reaction and die? In fact I’ll take it a step further and say: we’ve never found a piece of food that everyone in a population can eat without dying. So, this conversation, what i’d like to do is, i’d like to get away from this statement that there’s no such thing as a vaccine injury or no one ever dies, since that defies all reason. And usually they’re nodding like those are good points. I said: so, here’s what I would like to have the conversation about is how many people can we kill? What is your threshold as a politician? Or what is your threshold as a grandparent, to say that it’s okay for that will kill some children in order for the greater good of the population? And so I’d like to know today where your line is. What is that threshold? Is it killing one in a million children, is okay? Killing one in a hundred thousand? Killing one in ten thousand? Killing one in five thousand, how about killing one in a thousand? Or one in a hundred? You see, we make this statement and I’ve challenged CDC scientists. In fact, I was talking to a scientist up in, CDC being the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for those that are not in America, it’s our biggest health agency. I was speaking to a scientist. And I said to her, and luckily she had come to see me speak, so she was trying to understand what this anti-vaccine perspective was and had a thorough conversation with me, and I said: you have to know for a fact that some children will die from being vaccinated this year, correct? I mean, I just want to make sure that we’re not in some crazy thing. She’s like: no, you’re right and there’s no such thing as a product that’s safe for everybody. And I said: how do you accept, how do you go to bed at night, knowing that a future president or a future scientist will die this year and never have the opportunity to grow up to become that because of this vaccine program? And she said: that is the accepted casualty to achieve herd immunity. I said: okay great. My follow-up question is this: then, how many children are we projecting, will be killed this year in the United States of America from vaccinations? How many children will we expect to have severe autoimmune disease or neurological disorders, encephalopathy brain swelling that leads to all sorts of complications with their mental health in the future? And she said: well, we don’t have any data on that. I said: wait a minute. As a scientist someone understands math. You just said it’s an accepted casualty, that’s how you go to bed at night. But you are accepting a casualty and you don’t know what that number is? You don’t know what that percentage is because no one sees me collecting any data? I said: that should bother you. Then you were making a statement without any scientific evidence or understanding of what you’re saying and that’s really where my conversation begins. How many children are being killed by this process? How many are being maimed and injured by this process? And that’s where I start getting into the conversations about all of the increase in autoimmune and neurological disorders. So, very quickly, I would say people ask: Del, why are you in this issue? Why vaccines? And I say: look, if these were the healthiest kids and the healthiest generation of people we’d ever seen, I would have no argument. Except in the United States of America the opposite is true. In the in 1980s right around 1985, 1986 every health agency in America would tell you that the chronic illness rate of children in America was 12.8 percent. So, that includes either a neurological disorder or an autoimmune disease; lifelong conditions that you know you’ll be on drugs or some of them untreatable but 12.8 percent of us we have. We’re getting about 11 vaccines by the time we’re 18 in total when we’re at 12.8 percent. Now, our children are getting 54 vaccines in 72 doses by the time they’re 18 and that chronic illness rate has gone from 12.8 percent to over 54 percent of. America’s children are now suffering from a lifelong debilitating chronic illness. I would represent that that is the greatest decline in human health ever recorded. We have never watched children over the course of maybe 30 something years go from 12.8 permanent illness to 54. Something has gone tragically, tragically wrong and sure people say it’s anecdotal to show you the increase in vaccines leading to that problem. But I will argue well who is responsible because the CDC, WHO, Health and Human Services, the FDA, all of these agencies claim to be responsible for health. Yet, under their watch and a more sort of stronghold approach towards how our health is, we’ve only declined in health and for anyone that then the question might be I know I’m doing a lot but you sort of ask I’ll try and sum this up someone will say: Del, how do you know it’s not the air, or the food, or the water that’s causing that increase in in in health problems in America? And I say: look, I don’t. In fact, my non-profit investigates everything. We are deeply investigating glyphosate the herbicide sprayed on 90 of our crops. I’m concerned about the amount of antibiotics that are pumped into the meats we eat. I think that there’s serious questions about fluoride in your water and you know if there’s chemtrails, and it seems like more and more government agencies are admitting rising aluminum into our airspace for whatever reason. All of those could be leading to health problems but remember, every one of those things were approved by the FDA, by the CDC, by the WHO, by the NHS and we were told that they were safe. So, they’re responsible. Even if that is a problem but here’s the most specific point I want to make. The greatest percentage of this 54 of chronic illness, is autoimmune disease, meaning the immune system of our children is now attacking their own bodies. Somehow it’s gotten confused in a way we have never seen in history, where it’s attacking their own bodies. And so I would say, if the problem is a confused immune system attacking their own bodies, shouldn’t we be the most focused on the one product of all? The ones we’ve mentioned that’s actually designed to alter your immune system for life because that’s what a vaccine does. If you ask someone in lay terms, how does the vaccine work? They say, well, it basically tricks the immune system into thinking it’s had a virus, or a bacteria, or an illness that it didn’t have. And we’re not tricking our children’s immune systems five times for those of us that were maybe 60 years old right now; or 11 times for those of us that were born before 1986 or 20 times, or 40 times, or 50 times, 72 times the United States of America we are tricking the immune system of our children. And now we’re shocked that somehow that immune system is now confused, it’s attacking cells of our children’s bodies as we speak in rates we have never seen before. I think it’s obvious where the body of focus should be and what you have is the opposite issue it’s the one place where every regulatory agency by any government in the world will not look. They will not do studies, questioning, is it vaccines that’s causing this massive rise in autoimmune conditions which defies reason. That’s not reasonable reasonable it really would stand the reason. You need scientific proof that messing with the immune system is not messing up the immune system of our children. And there’s no science out there and that’s what I’ve been investigating for four years. You cannot find it. It’s not being done.

You know what’s fascinating to me? That I’m kind of you know weirdly in this fight with you guys um you know just because I happen to be lucky enough to have a bunch of you on the program is I see people like Robert Kennedy people like Judy Mikovich being quoted in the mainstream New York Times did an article about Judy right after she was on my show and they had Robert and they quickly dispelled the theories um this is not proven this is a ridiculous theory that vaccines cause an increase in autism or whatever it seems like the mainstream media is one of the quickest entities out there to silence any of this opinion and almost call anyone that questions it ridiculous I mean I’m curious what do you see as the role that mainstream media plays is it intentional is it over or are they just looking after their interests as uh dr bhutal or maybe Kennedy said to me you know uh Anderson Cooper is basically a paid spokesman for the pharma industry because that’s what pays his bills. So I’m wondering is it intentional or is it just because they’re all on the same team, or is it something else? What do you think?

Del Bigtree
Well, I think that, obviously I do a lot of work with Robert Kennedy jr. and he’s right. I hear I’m sure he told you the story of speaking with Roger Ailes who’s the head of FOX that said: look, I can’t I might agree with you but I’m not gonna if anyone on one of my channels brings you on to discuss the dangers of vaccines, I will fire that anchor. I will fire that reporter immediately because that’s where the funding is coming from in the United States of America. 50 to 70 of the advertising which is how TV works. That’s how it’s funded is funded by pharma so Anderson Cooper you know all the way across the board all of the anchors that we look to Sanjay Gupta a medical specialist they’re funded by pharma and there’s no doubt about it and I had a direct contact with this because that’s how I got started. I was a emmy-winning producer on the CBS talk show. the doctors it was a medical talk show. I spent six years investigating the greatness of science and the best doctors and surgeons and celebrating you know medicine across the world, until I came upon this whistleblower story I had found out. There’s a whistleblower at the CDC that’s saying, they’re committing scientific fraud on the vaccine safety studies. Well, when I pitched that to my executive producers, they said no way in hell are you doing that story. By the way I had a pretty free ride. I was one of the top rated producers of seven that put that show together. All the hundreds of episodes every year but they said: Del, we are not going to mess with the CDC. The CDC is good friends of our show and by the way we have pharmaceutical sponsors. I thought that was just really I was only thinking well we’re a medical talk show that makes sense I expected when this story broke of the whistleblower FOX and MSNBC and everyone would cover it. And that’s when you know all of a sudden a top epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes out online and is saying: we hid statistically important information leading to a causal connection between the MMR-vaccine and autism and saying things like every time I see a child with autism I feel guilty. I can’t believe we did what we did. I saw these statements online and no one covered it not FOX not CNN nobody. In fact CNN had an eye report website, where people could just report things happening in their local area. Someone put up the story of Dr. William Thompson and it was taken down. That’s when I realized: oh my god, it’s not just my medical talk show that’s produced by pharma; clearly, all of television and apparently news is. I know there’s reporters inside of these institutions that aren’t vaccinating their kids. I know there’s reporters that believe in homeopathy or chiropractic or acupuncture but they’re not allowed to talk about it. They have to do what they have to do to carry the line and keep their job; so they’re in there. Does that make them bad people? No, I think that they say to themselves the same thing that doctors that know the truth about this. I’ve interviewed doctors all over the world that will say off-camera: Del, I know for a fact vaccines cause autism. I’ve looked into the science myself. I’ve dabbled at it but I will never make that statement on camera because it will destroy my career. And I say: but don’t you feel guilty about that children being injured? And they say: I am working on cancer research or I’m on the verge of a diabetes medication. I’m trying to help people and I will. What good is it for me in this world if they take away my job and I don’t get to help those who have diabetes or those that have cancer? So, that’s how it’s being justified. Just stay off of this third rail, so at least you can help the people that you’re focused on. But there is this giant growing group of people around the world that are incredibly sick because scientists are just looking on the other way and reporters are just looking the other way because they are not allowed to touch it and what about YouTube then look at YouTube you know part of Alphabet. Why do they have such a visceral response to quote unquote anti-vaxx messages? Anything the status quo on vax. Because they’re not being funded by pharma not really not in a major way I’m curious more and Facebook as well but let’s go with YouTube what are your thoughts how close would you say YouTube and Google are I mean what would you how would you describe that relationship well I mean it’s 100 owned by Google so okay did you know that Google is now a a pharmaceutical company that they are getting into the business of producing pharmaceutical products. You also have to imagine that they are involved with Silicon Valley directly that you know when we think about tracking cell phones and tracking data and using you know our online experience to study and know how to market to us all of their funding may not be directly related to pharma but it’s related to the idea that I want to be able to use your views the videos you’re watching to understand you as a consumer because we know more and more we’re going to be directly being marketed to based on what we are saying on our cell phone the people that we’re in contact with the videos we’re watching so all of this is really becoming much more of a terrifying monopoly it’s no longer Silicon Valley by itself and then the medical establishment. These two are starting to blend. Google is directly involved, In fact, we, Bobby Kennedy and I, were in discussions with Google that was saying you know we’d like to look at some of what you’re talking about because they have all of the databases for instance of kaiser permanente they’re starting to carry the hmos they’re doing the tracking so Google is directly involved in medical establishment work now and so YouTube it may even be a closer representative you no longer have to worry about advertising coming to NBC from pharma if the company you work for Google is a pharmaceutical company what do you think the agenda is going to be and what type of censorship is going to take place so there it is you have a direct connection now uh google has been offering itself to the United States government of being the tracking source for all medical data now and if they’re getting involved in promoting vaccines and drugs and and health choices around the world and you know we also know World Bank is directly involved with this. The World Bank was the one that’s down in Argentina, threatening we’re going to pull funding and your borrowing ability if you don’t mandate an adult vaccination program. All these things people really need to start investigating because it’s a very, very scary connection or melding of powerful entities yeah no

I see what you’re saying this is not checkers it’s not always extremely obvious where the links are but there’s a lot of people that have let’s just say they have similar interests a lot of these companies and these are massive interests I mean these are kind of you know multi-billion potentially trillion dollar plays with these companies. And anything that goes against it is going to hurt it. It’s interesting when we first started getting censored it was because we talked about 5G and coronavirus which fascinatingly enough the regulator here Offcom in the UK that was the one thing they said no one could talk about so a radio station mentioned it here they had to apologize they aired one of my Icke episodes on the television station that you know I’m not affiliated with. They got forced to retract it. That was the one thing they couldn’t talk about. Funny enough, they also are responsible for giving the 5G licenses and of course, these big technology companies – it doesn’t take a genius to realize that – know it’s in their interest to have a 5G technology or more connectivity or more data. I mean this obviously is all going to a final end for a company like YouTube or Facebook. So, I see what you’re saying as far as that because I definitely feel it. I know what I’m being censored for and those are the things COVID-19 denial anything against WHO which means social distancing, masks, 5G related to any of that stuff don’t even say it in the same breath and then don’t even say the v-word; forget about it. When they heard I had interviewed Kennedy on my digital freedom platform this platform they basically just said you’re not thinking about putting that on YouTube are you because they also told me that I have to actually tick a box if the content is vaccine related and if I don’t, I’ll get in extra trouble; if that’s even possible for me right now. So it means, you have to pre-flag any vaccine-related content on YouTube which you probably know about. And so look, I just want to say to anybody watching, we’re going to slice up this video here into lots of different clips and because I won’t be able to put this on our YouTube channel but if you want to help us upload and get the word out… anybody can go down below here at and upload any of these to their various networks. I just would say do it at your own risk because I’ve been shadow banned on Facebook on Instagram. My growth went from like 5,000 people a week to now negative growth. So it’s real; the censorship is real. I just wanted to finish up on vaccinations. You have a term called vaccine unicorn that you use recently and you made a video about it which everybody should check out by the way and it was an interesting concept I wonder if you could go into it a little bit more one thing I will just say before you answer this… when I was talking to Robert Kennedy, I think when a lot of us hear the word vaccine, it feels like this panacea you know it’s almost like in science class it was taught to us as this cure-all thing like with with no margin of error like you said no allergic reactions 100 happy happiness and if I even go back to that soderbergh movie Contagion which I forced myself to watch three months ago when all this was happening and even at the end of that movie it’s this it’s this super non-invasive saline solution they spray in your nose and then everything, everybody is okay. It’s almost like – and we don’t question that narrative you know – everything else is difficult but once the vaccine is there everyone’s okay and it’s back to normal. Maybe you could talk about this idea that as most humans when you say the word vaccine, we kind of assume it’s this panacea – I don’t know – speak on that please. 

Del Bigtreee
Well, that’s why I call it really a religion, right. It’s a belief system; it’s just a church that never actually opened a bible or go to temple and never or you know or you know open a torah or you know you name it. So many people just have learned to have a religious belief in something. If enough hate or someone we rep you know we recognize as having authority on a subject. We assume that authority is correct, turn off any skepticism and so the main thing that I try to do – that I do and I think you, too – is, no I’m not trying to tell you what to think, I’m trying to tell you how to think. I’m trying to say be skeptical, return to your skepticism on all of these things. It’s your right and you really need to investigate everything. Most of us when we have children will spend countless hours looking to crash tests on a car seat, thinking about how does it off gas right. Has it got too many plastics on it, how did it rate as far as it’s off gassing? I can’t remember how many hours we spent on… are we going to use glass, I mean, glass can break but it’s better than plastic because that could have BPAs and but what about you know steel – stainless steel. I mean this is stuff that parents go through. This agonizing work to really investigate what choice they’re gonna make for their child’s safety and future health. And then we get through all of that, we walk into an office to a guy who’s wearing a… or a woman in a lab coat, a stethoscope around the neck, we just hand them our babies without any questions, whatsoever. You did all this work because of something that your child might be drinking out of, they’re about to inject the same toxins you try to avoid on these products directly into your child and you didn’t ask a single question. You didn’t ask to see an insert. Can I see the ingredients in this product? Could you explain to me how mercury is safe being injected into my baby? Right now, could you tell me why aluminum is in there and what effect…? Why is it necessary for this vaccine? And aborted fetal DNA, the DNA of a dead baby is in the vaccine, you were giving my child. If I was looking at the insert, I would see that it says human lung fibroblasts. So, for anyone that tries to tell you that is a myth those that DNA fragment is not in there, that is not true. In fact, you should look up the debate… or it’s called the deposition of Stanley Plotkin, the reigning godfather of all vaccines, more vaccines than anyone. He’s on the stand for nine hours. There’s clips out there. We put him out where you can hear him explain that there’s definitely aborted field DNA. Anyway, I could go on and on and on but when it comes down to vaccination and the idea. I want to be perfectly clear about the COVID-19 vaccine. Number one, I have no problem, in fact I think it’s perfectly noble, to want to create a drug or a vaccine that saves people’s lives. I’m not against the process. I’m not against the idea as you said seem makes a lot of sense. Can we just inject something into people that’s perfectly safe that then project protects them from a future issue? Okay, so I’m not against that. My official statement about a COVID-19 vaccine is simply, as the Informed Consent Action Network, which is my non-profit that investigates the safety of vaccines, there are certain things that I would need to see in order to really be able to answer correctly, what I think of the vaccine. Number one: that vaccine would have to go through safety trials. And a safety trial by definition at the FDA is a trial that involves a placebo group. It’s called a double-blind placebo study; meaning one group is if it’s a pill one group gets the pill thousands of people thousands of people get a sugar pill that’s painted to look just like it. It’s called double blind because neither the scientists conducting the study – because they work for the manufacturer, they have a bias… So we have to protect against that bias. They’re going to make billions of dollars on this product. They could you know hide some information, so we make them blinded. They can’t know which one of the patients got which pill; or the same thing with those involved. They can’t know whether they’ve got the placebo or the drug and we track them for five to ten years. Almost every drug we take has been through this process, where one group has a placebo, the other group has the drug and then at the end of five years or ten years study of these people, we then unmask them and we ask certain questions you. What was the rate of cancer in the drug group compared to those that were getting a sugar pill? What was the rate of mutagenic effects, meaning did you have autoimmune…? Did your cells mutate in any way? Yes, that’s possible. It’s a question pharma has to ask. They do that with drugs, but then, when it comes to vaccination, they suddenly do away with the placebo group. There’s no placebo study and then the duration is not years. In fact, one of the vaccines I used to just this discussion with anybody is the Hepatitis B-vaccine in America. It is mandated that you give a Hepatitis B-vaccine on the first day of life. So, hello welcome to the world… You’re gasping for your first breath; now comes your first sexually transmitted disease. Well, that Hepatitis B-vaccine did not go through a safety study with a placebo. There was no placebo and it wasn’t studied for ten years, or six years, or two years, it wasn’t studied for six months. It was a safety trial for the Hepatitis B-vaccine with no placebo group lasted five days. They injected this product, watched people – not even babies – but watched people with it for five days. Said, it looks like they’re safe and they mandated it for children. Essentially, if your child or somebody in this trial group died on day six, it wasn’t registered by the study. If they went on to have multiple sclerosis two years down the road, we have no idea if the vaccine had anything to do with it because the trial was so short. And by the way, even if it was long enough, they would say, well, there was a natural consequence; people do get multiple sclerosis. Because they’re avoiding having a safety group that didn’t get the placebo where you could say well actually nobody got multiple sclerosis or only one got it in the placebo group and like 10 had this issue in your your vaccine group. So, none of that has been happening in any of the vaccines which brings me to the COVID-19 vaccine. Go ahead and look at these trials. Moderna, which is the leading version here, has no placebo group. They’re not using a placebo. Right after Tony Fauci came out, really against hydroxychloroquine, a potential treatment saying, sure there’s a lot of anecdotal studies of hundreds of people all around the world recovering after hydroxychloroquine, but the gold standard is a placebo study. And until it goes through that, I can’t really stand behind it. Yet, you look at the Moderna vaccine which has patents held by NIH NIAID, where Fauci’s the head. His own group has patents in this vaccine, no placebo to be found. So that’s my number one problem. There’s no placebo. In fact, the Oxford trial going on right now had a saline placebo and now they’ve just traded that out for – I believe – it’s a meningococcal vaccine or something like that. And their argument is, well, if there’s not an injury at the arm, if you don’t feel pain, then you’re gonna know you’ve got the placebo. So essentially, they’ve changed to a toxic placebo, saying, it’s the only way we can do this study correctly. So that’s number one. There’s no placebo being used. Number two: as I said, if you look at the vaccine inserts on most vaccines, it will list adverse outcomes, adverse reactions, and they usually include many autoimmune diseases like Lupus or Crohn’s disease, diabetes can be there… multiple sclerosis. These are issues that take years to develop. So, if a vaccine is going to give you multiple sclerosis, you’re going to need a trial that captured what is that rate of autoimmune disease increase and so I would argue there is no safety trial that can say that this vaccine is safe. It isn’t at least probably two to three years long, the amount of time it would take to develop these autoimmune diseases or cancer. Cancer doesn’t develop in five days, right? Now, we’re being told that these are six week safety trials on the vaccines. Cancer doesn’t develop in six weeks. You won’t know if it causes cancer at the end of that same trial. So, when they’re promising you a vaccine in 12 to 18 months, you can be assured that that has never been through a long-term safety trial. They’re admitting it right there. There’s no way to do it; so there’s no way to say that this vaccine is going to be safe, that it won’t cause other debilitating lifelong conditions. Perhaps even death, four to five years out from the moment you take it, so that’s sort of my concern. I would say, you have to have a placebo group which you’re not using and you would have to have trials that last you know three years two or three years in fact I debated Alan Dershowitz one of the leading trial attorneys in America on this topic and he conceded, he hadn’t thought about the fact that the safety trials are only the healthiest people we could find. There’s no children in it. There’s nobody that has COPD, or heart conditions, or any of the actual risk group to coronavirus. So, how do you force this product on children if children weren’t in the trial? How do you force this product on people who have a heart condition if there weren’t people with heart conditions in the trial? We don’t know if it’s safe for them. Those are all the issues but to get to the vaccine unicorn, what I am saying is, that’s all scientifically… You should be thankful that consumer advocacy groups like mine are demanding that kind of science. I want to make sure that if there is a coronavirus vaccine, it’s safe for everybody that may be being forced to use it. We have government agencies saying, they’re going to force this vaccine as soon as it’s ready. Well, I would think that you want to know that it went through a safety trial for whatever condition you have. Remember 54 of us have chronic conditions. So, if it wasn’t tested for safety with people with chronic conditions, it could kill you. That’s just a fact. We’re looking out for you but this is why I call it the vaccine unicorn. This vaccine does not exist and this is why lay people think that a vaccine is something easy to make. You should really… I just want to question this for a second. You do realize that there are billions of viruses and bacteria on this planet? Correct, I mean, this is one of the fallacies of vaccination. I find somewhat comical the pharmaceutical industry has only been able to at the moment really get 16 vaccines through the approval process. There are now about 270 vaccines that are really close to approval that people need to be waking up to. But still billions of viruses and bacteria are on this planet. That’s because it’s really hard to make a vaccine. In fact, all the way back with polio… scarlet fever killed more people than polio ever dreamed at the same exact time. They tried to make a vaccine for years and years and years for scarlet fever. They were never able to do it and so that just shows you and I would also argue when people say the vaccine eradicated polio. Maybe, but that’s anecdotal to say that it did. I always point out we were unable to make a vaccine for scarlet fever but scarlet fever is technically eradicated, too. How did that happen without a vaccine? And you have to imagine, had we had a vaccine and delivered it for scarlet fever, we’d be saved. We eradicated scarlet fever using a vaccine but here’s the point: there is no vaccine in existence right now for COVID-19. In fact, I know for a fact, they’ve been attempting a coronavirus vaccine for decades and failed at it. And they’re the most dangerous animal trials we’ve ever seen. Not only is it hard to make this vaccine… this vaccine has proven to be one of the most dangerous vaccines ever attempted. Very clearly, I want to point out that in every animal trial that we can find of a coronavirus vaccine since they really got passionate about making one since the SARS outbreak that alerted the world to drug companies said let’s make a coronavirus vaccine. When they did it, they used ferrets – in all the safety trials that we could find in our investigation. And something interesting happened when they injected the ferrets with the vaccine. It looked like it was safe. They didn’t have a reaction to the vaccine. Like good, it doesn’t kill you; animals look healthy. And then they tested the antibodies and said oh my god it’s creating really robust antibodies are being created by this vaccine this looks great but then they took the trial to a place that is unethical to do with a human trial. it’s called a challenge study and that means they actually put the animal in direct contact with the virus itself. In this case they put them in they put coronavirus into their cages to see how they would respond and they were shocked to find that the animals became violently ill massive upper respiratory conditions cytokine storms swelling all over the body immune system going berserk organ failure in every attempt in drug companies that weren’t even talking to each other everybody that attempted a coronavirus vaccine had the same thing that’s now being called scientifically antibody immune enhancement meaning for some reason the antibodies aren’t stopping the disease they’re they’re actually increasing the issues with the disease and leading to death and massive injury in the animal trials so as we now hear in media that this vaccine I say it’s two of the most dangerous words on the planet which is rush and science they’re rushing the science and every headline you can read about this process remember they’re not rushing any vaccine they’re rushing a vaccine that was catastrophic in every animal trial that was attempted and now they’re skipping animal trials and going to human trials there’s a lot of pro-vaccine scientists that usually will use my name in very very bad context that now agree with me this is a very dangerous vaccine and they’re warning we need to slow down this process this vaccine could really be catastrophic to not only people but our species and I call it the vaccine unicorn because a very simple principle my father when I was a kid and my mother would say things like don’t count your chickens before they hatch remember as children you dream about something you’re going to have in the future and you want to base your life on the fact that you’re going to be a princess or an astronaut or you know whatever it is and as you grow up your parents teach you to be practical to stick and stay focused with what you actually do know exist not in your dream of what could happen in your future another term my dad used to use is a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush meaning don’t drop what you have for the dream of what you can get in the future and so when we look at these headlines I want people to think about the fact that science is supposed to be based it prides itself in being based in fact in proof in mathematical certainty and yet this science that’s saying we you know are going to have a vaccine and your way back to normal until it exists is a dream it’s wishful thinking it’s hoping that’s what children do that’s not what science does and then to take it a step further and watch government agencies making policy that is based on what I call a vaccine unicorn you’re hunting for something that may never be found that is a scientific reality that’s being spoken you know by a lot of scientists you are making public policy on a hope and a dream that is terrible and that’s because they want to give everyone a solution it feels like you know

problem reaction solution you know we’ve lived the last three months of covet 19 the lockdown and now the solution to everything right back on the airplanes back to your restaurants back to your sporting events back to work is the vaccine and so we’re being herded in there and now we’re being told by like you said our our governments and our health health officials that we’re rushing it through it’s going to be ready in six months or in 12 months or in 18 months all sound ridiculous and again I’m a scientist you can’t rush science by definition um why are they telling us this why are they telling us this and then also do you think Trump believes it those are two questions I have for you why why are they saying this to us now I have different people on the show some people say this is gonna kill 50 million americans and it’s a cover-up for what’s been going on other people say they’re being ignorant look months from now we’re not going to even talk about the vaccine because we’re going to realize that the virus wasn’t that big of a deal what do you think Del well I want to be really clear because there’s a lot of different variances on this topic you know there’s people in my movement if you want to call it a movement that will say that this was a you know for instance the name pandemic great video of not judging it and a great title but do I believe this was planned right that’s the question I’ve been asking myself as a reporter was this planned um I think the fact that there wasn’t a vaccine ready to go is proof to me that this was not necessarily planned because I do think the goal has been as I pointed out early on and I’ve been saying on stages all around the world the old industry is going to attempt to take over the governments of the world the forced vaccination the poli of the of the entire world’s population is the number one agenda for pharma that will take pharma from being a multi-billion dollar industry to a multi-trillion dollar industry overnight and make them really the leading industrial power of the world we know Bill Gates is directly involved in this so is he the only player or you know our rockefellers all of that that’s beyond anything I can really get to the bottom of I can see some of it but I don’t talk about things that I can’t prove but I want to say this if this is a bio weapon then I think it’s a very weak and powerless bio weapon uh the death rate of covid19 is well within reasonable standards as far as I’m concerned very near the flu does not warranting uh warrant the quarantine or the lockdown all of those things so what I believe has happened now maybe it is maybe it’s a bio lab escape I know judy mykovitz has said that I don’t think we know yet I haven’t seen definitive proof either way very very compelling evidence actually on both sides of the conversation so I’m tracking all of it but I don’t know what I do know is that I believe that most of this is just people being opportunistic and industries being opportunistic if I was to sort of put out a theory I have long suspected because the work I’m doing that there was a pandemic that was going to come I think in terms of america I had thought it might be ebola or something like that we’ve seen that there’s a vaccine much closer to being made for ebola than coronavirus we also know that our southern border has been borders been allowing a lot of congolese and africans in so you could you know theorize that whether on purpose or not if ebola came this country you would have people passionately signing up for the vaccine program because I do believe in the agenda that the world health organization has and that most every health body in the world has which is we need the entire world all adults being consistently vaccinated all the time in order to control health what I think happened is I think that there was such a growing movement you know I you know we get we we saw who is saying greatest risk to public health what it means is the greatest risk to vaccinated health this approach towards health yes we now know 30 of parents are delaying or skipping vaccines in america that means 30 percent of the population now are defying cdc recommendations that is very scary for the cdc more and more people around the world were questioning vaccines so what I think happened was this virus popped up it looked to be potentially you know Bill Gates has been running practice scenarios on the great pandemic of our time he started screaming from the mountaintop this is the one this is the one I believe they jumped the gun I think they took a plan that was going to be based around a probably much more deadly virus remember this is theory I’m just theorizing I’m putting out there this is a theory don’t take this for fact I present mostly facts but my facts lead me to believe that there very well could have been a plan we saw event 201 where they were planning a pandemic it looks to me they jumped the gun it looks to me they said let’s make this that virus this will be that approach to mandating a vaccine and I think they decided let’s go for it and when I look at the fact that the vaccine’s about 12 to 18 months away as they say you can kind of guess that they’re about 12 to 18 months ahead of themselves which has made them extremely vulnerable and when you look at the discussion as I have look we all have to be careful about confirmation bias am I only seeing what I want to see but there’s not it doesn’t make sense how certain things are taking place number one wh is saying this isn’t a bad virus and then Bill Gates starts screaming yes it is yes it is he puts a giant chunk of money into the who the next day they suddenly say this is this once in a century pandemic the one we’ve been worried about tony fauci changes his discussion and then when it comes to the vaccine the vaccine starts being celebrated very early on we’re immediately going to pay billions of dollars to make a vaccine where at the same time you have over 200 trials around the world that are showing incredible success with hydroxychloroquine now I’m not saying that that means it’s okay and no there wasn’t a placebo group but you have to imagine you have a product out there that all around the world is having a lot of success tony bauchy should say this looks very promising we’re going to do a deeper investigation but certainly make it available to anyone that finds themselves in the throes of death to be able to use it instead he doesn’t do that he basically backs off of hydroxyl I don’t want to support Donald Trump likes it I don’t really I can’t support it yet and you’re thinking why man people are dying supposedly you’re saying it’s going to be three to seven percent of the population could be two million people and you’re holding off on a product that looks like it’s having uh an effect and and is in is viable and then when I did my research you find out that hydroxychloroquine studies that the nih done in 2005 underneath tony fauci were put out by the nih saying hydroxychloroquine appears to be a very effective treatment for sars coronavirus so then you think wow that’s really unnatural that something that tony pouchy’s group had said back in 2005 they’re now not telling us that that’s the case and all the time we keep hearing but we’ll get our lives back to normal when we have a vaccine so I believe there is only one way you can see this the agenda of of coronavirus whether it ended up being incredibly deadly or not deadly never had anything to do with this this is being used to implement really a new approach to the world which is a forced vaccination program for everybody it includes potential microchipping in the future or you know Bill Gates is talking about he has a die that you know an invisible die that can be seen under black lights or things so we know whether you got vaccinated we know that our cell phones are being tracked for social distancing how close are we coming together google and and apple are in on it we know that they’re using drones to fly over people in italy to check their temperature as they walk down the street there’s robotic dogs in china that they’re saying can now sniff infectious illnesses like covid19 and flu and others so what I want to say is what once would have been called a conspiracy theory I would have been called a conspiracy theorist to say that there will be an attempt by the pharmaceutical industry and I guess you could add in silicon valley to take over the government of the world well that’s now happening if I said that they want to force vaccinate every adult people would say now you’re crazy it’s just the children now tony fauci and every basically world leader is telling you we don’t get back to our new normal until you as an adult are being vaccinated if I was to tell your phones we’re going to be tracked to see whether you kiss or hug or come in contact with those you love in england you know separating which parent you’re going to see this all would have seemed like a crazy conspiracy theory but now it’s being spoken by our world leaders so it certainly is no longer a theory they are stating it as fact and as to the conspiracy part doesn’t that just mean a small group of people with an agenda for the larger body of humanity um this is what’s happening and so I hope I answered the fact that I think that this coronavirus vaccine whether it’s ever made or not you gotta try and imagine what it’s gonna be if it’s rushed through in the next 12 to 18 months there’s already three severe injuries out of uh 15 people in the group that got the high dose version of it so that’s not a very good outcome three out of the whole trial is 45 people you’re nearing 10 percent are having a severe adverse reaction and they haven’t come in contact with the virus there’s a total failure at the oxford where uh trials were all of your monkey studies there uh the monkeys ended up getting infected even after having had the vaccine you’re going into animal trials you got I mean you go into human trials now you have to ask yourself why if it was a failure in the animal trials so clearly an agenda is pushing forward despite any science that’s showing you there’s no reason to move forward you have real problems to try and overcome lastly will Donald Trump uh force the vaccine or where is he at on this issue Donald Trump is probably one of the hardest people to try and guess uh what he’s thinking we do know that when he was running for the president of the united states multiple times he was asked about vaccines and specifically the vaccine autism connection he said he did believe there was a connection he spoke of a child running around his office that uh ended up uh getting a vaccine and then losing the ability to you know be the same child he was walking talking all uh became disabled and then was diagnosed with autism so we had a sense that Donald Trump was aware of this issue is he still making is focused on it there’s a lot of people that are worried he just said a couple of weeks ago I will use the military to deliver these vaccines we will attempt to have 300 million um vaccines ready to go as soon as they’re approved for safety which he is now hoping happens in autumn or the fall um and so it sounds like uh he is fast-tracked we know he’s funding the fast tracking of vaccine um I personally think when I watch Donald Trump he’s doing what a president probably should do which is he is funding every avenue of research that is out there so that he certainly doesn’t want to be the one blamed for having held back on an approach that could have been successful but I would like to point out one place that I think that this real failure not only by him but by the uk and every nation in the world that again should really make you question the agenda of vaccination and that’s this kobit 19 now by the cdc zone estimates here in america have a death rate it has a death rate of 0.26 um that is a quarter of one percent that is so far below the imperial model which we’ve all watched you know just be destroyed it’s not three percent it’s not seven percent it’s not like sars which I think was 20 percent or ebola that’s somewhere in nine to 15 percent death rate it’s 0.26 percent and that is really it’s it’s locked in on one real risk group over the age of 65 with comorbid issues other illnesses that are life-threatening we saw it in italy italy in the end said you really have to take our covet deaths and say that only 12 percent of those really should we say we’re coveted deaths the other 80 uh 88 percent were the they died of the comorbidities those other life-threatening illnesses well in all of our nations including if you look at governor cuomo in new york is under massive uh pressure now because the one place he didn’t protect was the nursing homes he wrote a law that said they had to accept people positive with code bid 19 which put you know basically lit the match in the one dry grass field you knew existed it didn’t take a scientist you know half a brain cell to know anywhere in the world it was this elderly population that were the most at risk yet you know not only did cuomo make a mistake that will be catastrophic it has sent our death rate through the roof I think new york makes up more than a third of the entire death rate for this nation now but here’s my problem while we have been funding rem deservier drug trials and and hydroxychloroquine and blood products and you know and billions towards a vaccine should in every nation have been doing the one thing we know we can do which is where was all the millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars that should have been spent retrofitting our elderly homes our nursing homes our elderly communities because it seems to me if 99.75 percent of us are only going to have a common cold at best and when we hear about asymptomatic carriers it sounds like most of us won’t even know we had this it is so trivial for 99.75 percent of us but surely we have spent millions of dollars making sure that should there be a spike or should another virus come in the future that has a similar um type of uh problem which is the acute group sits at the older uh 65 years why didn’t we retrofit our nursing home hundreds of dollars going into uh you know retirement communities and I would have done things like saying there is going to be a law passed where if you’re a doctor or a nurse that works in one of those establishments you get you know big double pay or whatever it you know to stay in that facility because it’s the traveling in and out that’s the problem then why don’t we have laws being written that if you work in a nursing home you get double pay any time there’s an inspection we get locked down we have a hermetically sealed way of delivering food to you so we can truly protect the elderly and then let the rest of the population like sweden did go out and achieve herd immunity so that then 30 days 60 days out if you’re if you look at mathematicians like knute witkowski who’s done some brilliant modeling on all of this but sweet is the proof it works they have heard immunity they don’t have to worry about this virus in the future they’ve achieved without needing to wait for a vaccine and destroy their economy but I don’t see the uk doing that I don’t see america having made any changes to our nursing homes I haven’t seen any attempt to say the next time this happens our elderly will be safe for the 60 or 90 days necessary and then they can all come out we all live happily ever after so when I say Trump is spending everything he didn’t fund that do you think that we’re going to come off lockdown and we’re going to stay off lockdown or do you think we’re going to see this quote unquote second wave and do you think you know it’s just going to be more of that coming in the future and that’s going to lead to then more of this kind of force vaccinations what what do you predict in the next six months and also with Trump it’s funny with Trump you know part of his gut is doesn’t actually buy into the berks’s and the vouchers it feels part of him thinks we got to get america back to work and you’re telling me this stuff but it doesn’t make sense to me I feel like that he’s definitely making a call with like the gut more than anything I remember he gave a talk in the Rose garden uh about three weeks or so before easter here in america and he was very lucid and was clearly making statements because i’d been investigating it we called we knew that the imperial model was going to crash months before it happened it was so obvious that that modeling was incorrect based on the data we were seeing but Donald Trump said I’ve looked at the science and I believe very strongly that this is going to have a death rate well below one percent therefore I want to open up the country at easter now as can be expected mainstream media assaulted him on that concept and absolutely got the world like the you know our country up in arms and I think Donald Trump recognized I can’t control the media and whoever is so even if I open up the country and I march forward and say follow if they don’t follow me I’m not going to have a future as president united states so he sort of softened uh his language and we stayed closed a little bit longer now he’s becoming more assertive I think he definitely knows that there’s going to be catastrophe he’s been saying he’s one of the first ones to say that the cure can’t be worse than the disease or the problem and that’s what I think many people are now looking at how many people are going to die because of the quarantine so all of this is is really important I think that Donald Trump does have a sense of the truth at least what he sees as that issue but as far as where we’re going to be six months from now um I believe there was an agenda I believe the world health organization has not acted properly I think at the very least they were they were so incredibly wrong and Bill Gates was so wrong and Neil Ferguson and these players a very small group of players that drove the world into this panic that we’re expecting a three to six or seven percent death rate we now know you couldn’t have been further off we’re now at a point two six percent death rate and I think if you really comb through and realize dying with kovid does not mean you died from covid that will drop even below that and we would probably recognize that the death rate for kobe 19 is even less than your average flu but just where the numbers stand uh there is no reason we should be locked down at all and remember when we say about a low death rate lockdown had nothing to do with that and more and more studies are showing that whether you lock down or the the different variances of the strictness of that lockdown seem to have had no effect on the virus whatsoever so I have to ask any intelligent person why are you still wearing a mask why are you locked in your house why are you even saying we have to carefully open up when we now know the death rate of this is right on par with the flu you never shut down every establishment over the flu so why are we doing it now but we do have a problem I do think that there’s a potential for a spike uh in the fall uh mostly our own doing right mostly our own doing because this was really a war against hurt immunity that’s what this has been about in fact tony fauci said very clearly I hope we don’t read church immunity before we get to that’s a crazy statement to make but I believe these lockdown measures probably really did slow this spread if you look at australia almost nobody got it and as one of the scientists from sweden said look I think it’s commendable that you kept your infection rate so low but my next question is how do you open up when can australia open its borders and allow people to travel in there because every single person that goes there is potentially that match that’s gonna light your dry grass because none of you got it you are all virgin soil as far as we can tell for this illness we needed to get to the infection rate we needed to be 70 to 80 percent uh based on most known science to be immune from this we have held that at bay we have fought to make sure that doesn’t happen and so there is a good chance there can be a spike and where’s our economy going to be at I think we’re going to have a much better reality of how bad this economy is six months from now I think we’re all in a dream state right now I think we’re still feels like some sort of you know snow day stay-at-home day uh when people start recognizing my job really is not there I really can’t put food on my table you’re gonna see the tone and energy of this discussion shift and as more and more people wake up to the fact that this was only a 0.26 percent death rate even though my news was telling me otherwise online they can’t censor us enough so the news is going to be out there so what I question is what happens at that moment if there is a spike are they really going to attempt to lock us down again and how many people after suffering the pain of this lockdown will be game knowing that the death rate is as low as it is there’s a lot of questions and I think also for the political rates in america you have to question the democratic party needs the october surprise right they need something because I don’t think uh joe biden I’m not political I just don’t think when you look at these two people I don’t think joe biden has a chance and they know it I think they proved they knew it as soon as they started impeaching Donald Trump they went into a process to remove him that would have taken as long as just voting him out when you stop believing that you have someone that can win the election you start seeing some crazy things in politics so is kobit 19 gonna be a part of that we should all be watching very closely yeah I think you’re right I think it still feels like a weird snow day around here people don’t realize how bad the economy is going to be how the job’s not going to come back and I don’t think anyone’s actually lived through a recession like this ever most people don’t even remember 08 especially the younger kids so they’re like I’ll get another job by december well maybe you won’t and then I think the reality of this whole ruse lockdown will really hit home and people will think man this this has a real generational effect here and then maybe they won’t take the second wave whatever it is more seriously I don’t know they did a survey here in the uk which I don’t trust surveys and I was talking to dave rubin about this but it said something like 68 of the people Del were more scared to uh leave their house and get coronavirus and therefore would rather lose their job than leave the house and they made another uh comment that someone said we need a new campaign now to get people out of the house and back to work to counter the campaign we ran to scare everybody to stay in their house and so I still think people uh don’t realize the economic ramifications and um you know they’re going to feel it really quick here and then it’ll be a reality check and I think that’s going to be fascinating you mentioned this whole concept of popping the bubble theory which I happen to agree with you which I think is what you mean is as we slowly start to you know loosen lockdown people are going to start to realize that is it two meters is it one and a half does it matter I’m back to the coffee shop everything seems to be fine no one’s dying people aren’t dropping dead and I i feel that in three months from now six months from now all of this is gonna feel like an old bad dream now we’ll be wearing the economic issues but I think we’ll look back and this will be like some weird period film where we acted really strange but it it you know I don’t know that’s my feeling is that people are going to wisen up do you think that’s going to happen I do I mean and when we think about populations and there’s a lot of different theories and studies but they say that the world really is driven by 13 of a population that for the most part if there’s a passionate if 13 are passionate about an issue they tend to drive the agenda of of a nation and so just the numbers you’re talking about sure it’s it’s it’s crazy for those of us that looked at the science and are seeing that this code fit 19 is really a nothing burger for 99.75 I don’t want to discount the danger it is for that very small group of people but as I said I think there’s ways we could handle that much better but you know when we look at this you know there’s still 20 what did you say 22 percent or what would you say 60 how many what percentage or believing would rather us they were more worried about in the chronovirus than lean their job that’s right but imagine 32 because we all locked down this time right I did my duty I was questioning it but I didn’t know china looked scary I wanted to see the data so I gave myself time I believe my government should be able to warn us should there be a bio weapon or something like that I’m not against any of those things but what you’re going to have now is a real boy who cried wolf problem and this is the greatest mistake that these people should could have made which is you you ruin the trust of your population by overstating a problem like this and I think the fact that they’re not admitting it right now they’re not saying whoa okay look thank you all for having you know gone through this with us the data is finally coming in we recognize it really is in this small group of people it’s a very low death rate so thank you for taking part in really what was a very important test right now but we want you to go with your lives back to normal and remember we you know we have more data understand should something like this happen in the future they’re not doing that they’re doubling down I think a lot out of pride out of the fact that they are so concerned with people recognizing this is a mistake that they’ll lack confidence but their approach now is going to destroy their credibility and so even if it’s only 32 percent that refuse to lock down in the fall because we have some other spikes you are living in a much different world than you were this time that is a totally different world you are immediately going to have protests and I think that that group is going to have grown by then as you and I are both pointing out the snow day will have been long over the real hardship and pain will be upon people and they’ll be looking around saying where did the virus go exactly and why are we running around and nobody’s dying and now you’re making a big issue out of this I think there’s a real problem now for our government health agencies and by the way you know when it comes to censorship we now have a lot of scientists and medical practitioners on our side whereas once prior to covet 19 specifically on my issue of vaccine hesitancy or the vaccine risk awareness movement what we were always told was the consensus of science says this is safe the consensus of science is this well they’ve now because of this destroyed their consensus I actually think more scientists around the world credible scientists from the top university of the world are right now speaking out against the draconian measures saying not only were they not necessary they’re going to cause more disease they will even make coronavirus worse that wearing masks more and more scientists are saying you were lowering your blood oxygen level you are inhaling viruses that we would normally just be letting from your body now you might catch it because you have too much co2 and you’re weakening your own immune system all of this is out there for people to start understanding so what happens when they find out the people I trusted were wrong about the death rate made me wear a mask that put me at greater risk and that social distancing was an idea by a 14 year old girl in a science fair I mean all these facts are out there now it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens in the future and by the way there’s a lot of scientists that are standing with us and a lot of scientists that even dr paul offit who has made vaccines is is warning we have got to slow this vaccine down is it we it will not be safe enough to give the entire population but tony fauci doesn’t seem to be listening to him so what happens when dr paul offit has to join the vaccine risk awareness movement say no we don’t trust this vaccine yet they’re they’ve created more problems than they know what to deal with and every headlines pointing that out I mean there are articles all last week I was in a lot of them where they’re saying you know the vaccine risk awareness movement is gaining ground it’s bringing in people that are you know pro uh constitutional rights and and throwing america pro-gun rights and also discussing you know medical and health freedoms we’re growing because of this and they’ve only created more distrust of the medical establishment in many ways they’ve done my job for me I mean our numbers in the work that I’m doing have grown exponentially we’re 25 times the viewership we were three months ago just having discussed this covet 19. and remember we’re talking about someone I’m as censored as you get there’s not an algorithm in the world that’s working in my favor it’s working to stop me yet we’ve gone from hundreds of thousands of views a week to millions of views a week because people know the truth when they hear it and we’re very transparent about where our truth is coming from I give everybody all of the science on the high wire when you watch it there’s a link and we provide you with all the science we just presented so you can read it yourself I think that’s the future of news I think guys like you and I right now may be being censored we own the future because people want the truth and they want to hear from all sides they want to hear scientists arguing with each other not saying that one’s wrong because some of the phd fact checked and they said let me make my own mind up let me hear both of these factions speak to each other they want to see the vaccinated versus unvaccinated discussion and I just want to make that point to anyone that’s still on the fence we have demanded from the cdc bobby kennedy and I had a big meeting at the national institute of health set up by Donald Trump we met all the luminaries of our health departments and we said if vaccines are so great and really do make us healthier why don’t you use the database that you have at the cdc of our national medical records tens of millions of people in it and just do a comparative study compare the vaccinated individuals to the completely unvaccinated individuals and ask all the questions who has more cancer who has more diabetes who has more add adhd who has more hpv you know all of these questions and let’s see you know where the answers are and you know what they said to us tony fauci was in this meeting and said to us we will never do that study they will never do the most obvious comparative study you could do there’s no ethical implications because we already have the records and those people have either already on their own decided to vaccinate or not vaccinated not putting anyone at risk when government health agencies say we will not do a study I want you to think about this bobby kennedy would be shut up immediately I would be done with my conversation this is the number one conversation we’ve been having all over the world simply show us that vaccinated individuals are healthier you have to assume they know with all the studies that are out there that that one study would shut us up forever it’s not that they aren’t doing the study you have to know they’ve already done that study and no matter how they do it it doesn’t come out in their favor I have to make that assumption why does fouchy do what he does what makes that man tick in your honesty well first of all I mean he’s you gotta you gotta congratulate him for having been the head of the nih since the 1980s I think that may be a record for the longest held government position in history so he is clearly great it’s him I think right they’re up there it’s him and j edgar hoover that have these like long-running multi-presidential reigns where they’re around so long that even the presidents start to not question them right and I think that in order to have a job that long you’re able to sell whatever it is the nation and the health departments need to sell the people he’s obviously been good at it I don’t want to knock the guy I’m sure he has his you know he has his brilliance and his genius I’m not anti-scientist I’m not anti-doctors uh but when we look at you know for you know this vaccine issue I’ve already pointed out that there’s just anomalies we’re currently investigating him on the rem deserver trials rep deserving are unlike hydroxychloroquine has failed in studies all around the world people have died in these trials and yet the one study that he’s overseeing at the nih is showing promise and he’s happy to announce that promise and still yet be against hydroxychloroquine all of these things I think he’s going to be I think we’re going to see some real shake up when we get through this and especially should Donald Trump be re-elected I have a pretty good idea that he cannot stand deborah burks or dr tony fauci I think you’re going to see some of these positions finally change out for the first time ever Donald Trump making very bold decisions to exit wh a decision I think is a good one under the circumstances and what we’ve seen take place in the world yeah I think there are questions to what we knew in china and what we didn’t know and how much the wh was involved in that we need more transparency uh we know that anthony pouch and deborah burks are on on boards with Bill Gates uh at the bill and melinda gates foundation I would like to see investigations in the Bill Gates I think you could argue that there was treason that took place if foreign scientists and you know an american like Bill Gates that is going to make money on this or at least his foundations will whether it’s on the technology side or the vaccine side if you use foreign scientists or a foreign agency like the who to promote really an overestimation or to pose put out a propaganda propagandized fear that you know in terms of america locked our country down and destroyed our economy I think you should be held accountable at the highest level that you can be um I think we’ll see investigations into all these things because whether or not you know 60 or 50 percent when you have 30 of america thinks they have actually been lied to by their government agencies that’s enough to make investigations and if we have a a representative like Donald Trump that appears to have been fighting his own health departments to try and save the economy I think you have a president that would be willing to move forward and and begin those investigations so it’s going to be very interesting what’s your take on Bill Gates who is he as a person what does he want do you think well I think that this is a man who’s clearly has ambitions for some gigantic uh power in the world now is that driven by you know I think it’s perfectly possible that he is trying to do good in the world he has clearly made statements that he wants to reduce population I don’t have to say that he has said that uh he has basically he’s behind so much of what can make money whether it’s he has va you know testing for covert 19. he’s going to make money off the test he apparently is invested in several of the potential vaccines in the future you know he can make money off of that he has microsoft has created teams an app that we can now not have to go to school and stay locked in our cubicles at home all of these things I would say is I think Bill Gates looks to be a very scary player I think it makes him even more scary that he believes in what he’s doing I don’t think he’s trying to destroy the world but I don’t think he wants the same world that the rest of us want he wants a world where we’re microchipped he wants a world where we’re tracked wherever we go he wants a world where our phones let us know whether you were kissing or hugging and we can come in and interfere with that if we need to he wants a world where this force vaccinations he is saying he wants this vaccine for seven and a half billion people these are desires of his and he’s invested in all sorts of whether they’re non-profits or not he is deeply invested in all of these agencies and groups that are going to bring about this new future if it’s what we want and so I you know I think that the big question for those of us I get asked all the time is you know what about the new world order what about the rockefellers or you know uh the rothschilds where does Bill Gates fit in there I don’t really know how that works my guess is if those things even exist it seems to me Bill Gates wants to be a very powerful player uh in the world and he’s got hands in two of the biggest places to do it health and you know virtual and real technologies micro technologies and computer technologies so he’s got all that understanding I think he’s trying to bring the world he dreams of he may be a hypochondriac I don’t know but that man wants to decide what’s right for the world um and I think we need to step up and say hey buddy whether it’s a bad intention or a good intention I don’t want to live in that world and we outnumber you and frankly i’d like to investigate what you’ve done to try and move this agenda of yours forward who did you talk to who was behind it who did you fund and just want to get del like final thoughts and if any of this has resonated with someone here that’s watching us or listening to us right now what are steps that they can take is it about refusing to take a vaccine is it about disabling their phone for contact tracing is it about not wearing a mask or is it about forwarding information like this to their friends and starting a discussion what do you think is that call to action that that someone can do if this has made sense to them very simply the last point you made you know first of all you know we have got to wake up our brothers and sisters and neighbors immediately uh if this is not a future if being microchipped and contact traced and forced vaccinated and microchipped you know these are not things that that are your vision of the world that you wanted to hand off to your children and your children’s children then you need to do something about it there’s no single politician that fixes this problem for us we need to wake up enough of our population to these facts and to the truth that we become a powerful voting bloc that affects voting whether it’s down at the school uh board level all the way up to the president or the prime minister or wherever we have that contact but we need to wake up our brothers and sisters that’s the number one uh priority so that’s why on my show I say I’m not trying to tell you how to think go to the data share the science you know and don’t and by the way I’m not going to tell you not to vaccinate there’s a risk to not vaccinating there’s a risk to vaccinating but know the risks stop being blind stop being okay sticking your head in the sand uh you know one of the biggest statements and I i grew up a progressive liberal in boulder colorado here in america I’m an environmentalist I still consider myself to be an environmentalist much like bobby kennedy but my parents and my family members and friends you know that are still strongly liberal will say Donald Trump is going to destroy our regulatory agencies and I now say good I hope he does like what are you crazy no when you’re regulatory agencies when you know when your epa which is our environmental protection agency has been being run by people at exxon and and oil companies then they’re not doing their job when the cdc has people from pfizer and cenopia ventus running the show then they’re working for them you know when we see the fda being run by monsanto and people from monsanto all of this is the case we no longer have regulatory agencies you no longer have agencies that are looking up for your health they were supposed to be protecting you against industry and industry malfeasance now they work for industry to and protect the industry from you so we’ve got to recognize that’s the world we live in so I would say investigate that vaccine if a safety trial that didn’t have any placebo whatsoever really lasted about six weeks and you know three or five of the 40 in it got appears to be deathly ill and no one can tell you whether they’re going to suffer the same problem when they come in contact with the virus which is they get sicker or actually die can you imagine if we have a vaccine that 7.5 billion people were forced to get that all of a sudden the coronavirus comes and still would have had a 0.26 death rate but now it’s 20 percent of us or 50 percent of us or 70 percent of us are dying because the vaccine is making us overreact to the illness that is possible what we know in the animal trials all I’m saying is people do your homework you got to share our videos you got to share the work that Brian’s doing that I’m doing we’re working hard and and have scientists that are risking their careers to come and speak to us don’t leave them hanging you got to get it out to the people because we only protect the truth in mass we need to be together on this you cannot be afraid to talk about these issues just very quickly I’m running out of time actually I have an interview in just a second but when I started looking at this vaccine issue and I found myself about to make a movie about vaccines I knew it was going to destroy my career in television I knew I was taking a giant risk and I remember being on the phone with my father and my father said dale you’ve worked so hard my dad raised me to be a truth teller he marched in the 60s I come from a rebellious family he said but this time Del this time you’re going to risk everything you’ve created you got to let it pass by and I remember when he said it I felt myself like like the image of myself ducking down on the grasses nazi boots were walking down the street I was on the phone that’s what went through my head but the boots didn’t disappear in the distance they started to wrap around the field I was in and I could hear them coming from all sides and I said to my dad I said dad this isn’t going to pass by there is no point in hiding when you’re surrounded and they’re simply coming in to flush you out the moment you recognize you’re surrounded is the moment you have to stand up and fight with everything you have that’s where every point in history has ever been made all of those little battles that beat the thousands against them because that little group recognized we have no choice we’re dead anyway we might as well take the offensive on right now and stand for freedom in this moment there’s no hiding from this anymore the medical establishment bill gates silicon valley all of the industrial revolution that’s taking over here it wants to own you it wants to own your information and your body it wants to inject you with products you have no control over it is not going to pass by we are now in a battle and we need every one of you the way history has always been made we may seem like we’re surrounded or outnumbered but we have won this every time throughout history when truth was on our side now everybody’s got to stand up do not be afraid of your freedom or to talk about freedom there’s already 32 percent of you are on each other’s side in the uk here it’s roughly the same let’s grow that let’s grow the truth let’s grow the movement and let’s stop this insane takeover by a a small group of people with a very sick idea of how we move forward well I appreciate you adele for saying that I couldn’t agree with you more I mean our most phenomenal human right is that of freedom of speech when that is being taken away from us when we’re being censored on any level a big red light should be going off in your head and I agree you should fight because when that right is gone all the other rights disappear right behind it and again I’ve said this many times I’ll say it again I am not for revolution I’m not for violence I’m not for the destruction of property I’m for education simply listen to the person’s point of view and take it and you make the decision don’t listen to me some people say David I think he’s crazy I said great you were allowed to make that determination because you got to watch it I think you should be able to make that call and then make a decision so I’m a great total agreement let’s forward these things out there let’s have a debate let’s have real science let’s make a decision that’s how it’s been the upward surge of human progress for thousands of years let’s not stop it now um again I wrote an open letter that’s been signed now 125 000 times asking for the legislation of what I call digital freedom of speech you know being censored on these platforms is not okay they can’t hide behind being a private company or a community uh agreement of community standards because it’s all super subjective I’m a victim of that you’re a victim of that it’s not okay anymore and that’s why we’re able to stream right now on this independent platform we couldn’t have this conversation on Youtube it would have been banned 64 times already and so we can do it here now so again I’ll say to anybody please share this video in the sidebar it’ll be here at forward slash big tree for a long time there’ll be at least 15 individual video clips right below this where anybody can download an episode to your Instagram or Facebook or twitter or Youtube and get this message out there let’s spread this information Del I appreciate you you’re a great communicator and that means a lot in this world you’re great at conveying these ideas people definitely have to check you out at the high wire um stay live on Youtube don’t get banned all right and you know keep doing the great work and they should check out your your uh your movies as well and um yeah just I appreciate you being on I appreciate you spreading the word you know I’m late to this fight but I mean I I’m fighting for freedom of speech that’s it I think two people should be able to have a conversation and other people are mature enough to have sovereignty over their own body where they can make a decision with their own brain so I’m not pro or anti-vaxx I’m not pro or anti-covet or I’m just I’m pro-human not pro-freedom of speech and um let’s keep having these discussions and again thank you so much style if people want to get more information on you what’s the best way to find you just go to the is the best way to start a lot of people watch the high wire with Del Bigtree on Facebook and Youtube and itunes and all those things and then my non-profits website is I can decide dot org that’s where you’ll see our lawsuits the actual uh papers that we got from those lawsuits against government health agencies we’ll also see many of the white papers we’ve written on this topic we’re producing information like you everything I do is free we depend on people’s donations which obviously is has been amazing the amount of support we’ve had out there but you can download you want to have the conversation you want to argue about vaccines you want the facts all of its sites you know we have hyperlinks to every peer-reviewed uh study that we reference there’s nothing that I ever say unless today like I tell you it’s a theory I’ll tell you this theory but most what you’ll find on I can decide dot coms website dot org is uh just the facts and you need the facts all right I love it lastly I just want to say watching us or listening to us you have sway you vote for politicians they know that these politicians appoint regulators and organizations your eyeballs pay for advertising uh dollars and your data is what makes these companies worth a trillion dollars so if you say no more if you demand freedom of speech if you demand that these that these this content is available it’ll happen so yeah again help us in this fight share these videos have this discussion with your friends uh sign our letter again donate to these platforms and make it happen Del it’s a pleasure next time let’s do this in person and uh I look forward to uh to doing that and seeing you in the future me too take care Brian keep up the good work all right Youtube man I appreciate you thank you everybody for uh tuning in with us again please share this video there’s clips below download those share them 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